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Overthinking leads to negative thoughts.

psych-facts: Tips for becoming more confident


1. Stop discounting your successes - start affirming them instead. Don’t say “Oh, it’s nothing” or “Everyone could do that”. Treat, and talk to, yourself as you would a good friend.

2. Develop a positive attitude, and choose to get your mind off the…

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May Madness!

Dear tumblr,

May 2012 was just an exhausting month!

I graduated college at the beginning of the month, moved out of Gainesville, moved back to Jacksonville, started my first big girl job one week later, stressful apartment/condo hunted for weeks, planned our family trip to California in June, and now I finally finished moving into my own place with a new roommate from Miami!

As exhausting as this month was, with no real break in between to rest, I’m very excited for all the new adventures this coming year and meeting new people along the way! And I never thought I’d say this but living so close to family again is so comforting! Plus, I can come over anytime and they’ll cook dinner for me, hehehehe. Oh, and of course, my boyfriend and I are no longer long distance! yay!

Cheers to another blessed chapter of my life and I’m excited for more new adventures to come! :)

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